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What Do You Do Best?

Are you too busy trying to please everyone?
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What Are You Worth?

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7 Secrets of Business Branding Success

If any of the questions below are hitting home, I can help you get your business back on track through your marketing

I’m Kathleen Ann and I’m in the business of helping you combine marketing and mindset strategies to make headway in your business.

  • Do you love the world of business but find the world of marketing a little daunting?
  • Would you like to start your week happier, knowing you will bring in more clients throughout the week?
  • Do you want to be happier serving clients knowing they’re paying you what you’re worth?
  • Are you overwhelmed and in need of streamlining your services so you can be more productive?

Client Successes

Carmel Catanuto<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Carmel Catanuto
Sydney, Australia

I’m thrilled with the outcome from working with Kathleen Ann. Before we met, I felt lost as I blended in with other therapists and didn’t know how to differentiate myself so I was struggling to sign up clients. Plus I was definitely undercharging. Now I have identified my own unique style and created a step-by-step signature system with several packages, I feel a lot more confident delivering life-changing results to my clients who are happily paying higher fees.

Karen Maloney<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Karen Maloney
Sydney, Australia

“This week I engaged in a day with Kathleen working on Branding with Archetypes”.

I run my own marketing business but was really struggling with creating content for my website that had my voice and spoke directly to my ideal clients.

This was a classic case of knowing what I needed to do but not being able to do it for myself! The exercises Kathleen took me through really allowed me to get to the core of what I really do for my clients and why I do what I do.

Steven Franks<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Steven Franks
Sydney, Australia

“When I met Kathleen Ann from Power Up Your Marketing I was just starting my business. As an Accounting professional FIPA, I knew I had expert knowledge which would assist business owners in improving their processes to earn more money but did not know how to authentically represent myself through branding nor how to differentiate myself and market effectively so I was struggling to get traction. Truth is, I was a generalist, trying to serve everyone.

Sharon Hespe<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Sharon Hespe
Sydney, Australia

I’ve become an implementation machine and I’m over the moon because I’ve got my mojo back.”

I have been a Naturopath for 8 years – specialising in food intolerance issues and although I was getting great results with clients I knew my message wasn’t reaching enough people. Plus I’d seen others selling programs on nutrition who weren’t even qualified but had positioned themselves as experts. I needed help with marketing.

Matt Alderton<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Matt Alderton
Sydney, Australia

I am a big raving fan of Kathleen Ann from Power Up Your Marketing

She has been working with Bx and our clients in our ‘Business for Life’ Small Business Education Program. Recently, Kathleen did a presentation on money mindset, and financial archetypes. Not only was this workshop incredibly well received by our members and clients, it has been raved about for many months following. Our members have all implemented what they have learned and have commented on the positive changes. I am a big Raving Fan of Kathleen Ann and the incredible work she is doing in her workshops and can highly recommend attending any of her programs and events.

Bel O’Mullane<br />Airlie Beach, Australia</br>

Bel O’Mullane
Airlie Beach, Australia

“Remarkably I have accomplished all this in just a few short months and as a result I have already doubled my income”

In the first year of running my business I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Ann at my local Real Biz meeting.

At the time, my brand was generic and I had limited systems in place to attract and service clients. So I immediately recognised that I needed her help and signed up for her signature trainings.

Working with Kathleen I’ve uncovered my unique brilliance as well as explored and developed my brand.

Suzanne Harrington<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Suzanne Harrington
Sydney, Australia

Spending a VIP day with Kathleen Ann working with the Sacred Money Archetypes opened up so many possibilities for me to create more income in my business that I left totally inspired. I was crystal clear about the way forward with a specific pathway and actions that I was able to take advantage of.

Through my Archetypes I could see where I had been undervaluing and undercharging and most importantly I finally understood why. That was a huge awareness and made it easy for me to immediately adjust my fees to reflect the unique service I provide my target clients. I also now have stronger boundaries and do less for free or at a reduced price.

Chris Mills<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Chris Mills
Sydney, Australia

Before I did Kathleen’s program I was at a cross-roads, spending heaps of time trying to get clear on my direction and what my business was about and in particular what it offered. Everything was impacted. I was chopping and changing my focus and struggling with how and where to promote so my marketing was all over the place. All this meant I had very few clients and was rapidly losing my confidence, running out of cash and not sure where to turn next.

The biggest shifts came from recognising what was right in front of me – my enormously playful, curious nature, unique special talents – and how to relate them to what I want to offer people and identifying the people I love to work with.

  • 2011 award
  • ST George Winner
  • women for women
  • 2020 blue finalist
  • 2019 winner