How you think and feel about money is the key to how you can make and keep more money in your life and business.

Making money is easy. I know plenty of people who have done it plenty of times. What isn’t so easy is hanging onto it. I also know plenty of people who make plenty of money, yet they still don’t have any. Still others think making money is hard and have a hard time making it as a result.

Many people claim their money reality is because of all sorts of external reasons blaming certain events, their local economy, the world economy or even luck – be it good or bad. What this really means is they’re not taking responsibility for their actions. It’s like they are a bystander and their money situation has simply happened to them as if they had no say in it. They are really hiding from the truth.

Truth is, we all make decisions based on our beliefs. These beliefs create our thoughts which create our feelings which in turn create our actions. So it’s actually a result of the decisions we made or did not make that contributed to our current circumstances. However it’s not that simple because even though we might make these decisions consciously it’s really our subconscious mind that’s running the show. So it’s little wonder we often feel we don’t have control and continue to give away our power around money.

Here are my 5 tips to help you make and keep more money to create financial abundance in your life and your business.

Tip #1 Don’t give away your power around money

Let’s face it, in this age of modern living its money that makes the world go round. So it’s little wonder that a large amount of our daily thoughts involve money or thinking about money.

Whether we’re spending it on basic necessities or luxuries – saving or investing it, our thoughts are very much focused around money.

But here’s the thing, money on its own is nothing. It’s what gets to happen for you because of your money that is the key to its power. That’s why giving away your power around money is so detrimental to your life and your business.

The first step to taking back your power around money is to acknowledge your money reality and get out of denial.

Tip #2 Get out of denial

Ignoring your money reality will not make it go away. Better to face up to what got you to where you are which means an honest look at your history to uncover the patterns in your behaviour around money that you keep repeating.

The good news is, your reality is a result of your past actions so you can change that starting right now.

But first you have to scrap magic money thinking

Tip #3 Scrap magic money thinking

Magic money thinking is the misguided idea that you simply need to focus on your desires and they will come to you. Yes, it’s essential to be clear and ask for what you want but that’s just the beginning. As the Chinese proverb goes “Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time!”

Which means, unless you take action nothing will happen.

And not just any action but inspired action because if you keep taking the same action you usually take you’ll get the results you usually get.

A guaranteed motivator to inspire action is to have a purpose for your money.

Tip #4 Have a purpose for your money

Here’s where the Law of Attraction will assist. If you have a purpose for your money which after all is just energy, you will attract more of it.

Ask yourself this question. What do you want the money for? Be specific.

Remember, money makes the world go round and we exchange it for the things we want in our lives. It’s not enough to simply want more without being specific about what you will do with the money or the purpose you want the money for. Money is energy and it will flow to where it is wanted.

Now decide how much do you want? Set a bodacious money goal to achieve it. Get creative and write a very specific desire statement along with how much money it will take to achieve it. Or if you’re more visual a money vision board that you can look at throughout every day will help keep you focused.

Then pay attention to your money so you can manifest it.

Tip #5 Pay attention to your money

Money loves to be paid attention to and ignoring it won’t work because it will get your attention. Of that you can be sure…usually it’s in a way you won’t like!

Having set your bodacious money goal you need to track your money daily. Use a system and stick to it. Record where your money comes from including all sources as well as where it goes. By staying energetically attached to your money you will stay out of denial and in the flow.

Implement these tips and you’ll be well on your way to making and keeping more money to create financial abundance in your life and your business.