ForgivenessWhat has forgiveness got to do with money? Well, the thing about negative beliefs is that most often they don’t even belong to us. We simply pick them up, usually at a very young age from those around us. More than likely from our parents or other significant people in our lives and we adopted them unconsciously, without question and without even realising it.

This is particularly true about money. If we hang on to those beliefs then over our life time they are re-enforced as the evidence mounts up. By now the culprit is our subconscious mind because that’s who is really running the show and calling the shots.

If you are a business owner, relying on yourself to create and keep money in your business and your life just imagine the havoc that having a 5 year old at the helm will cause.

The key to healing your relationship with money is to recognise who you inherited your beliefs from and forgive them. They were only doing the best with what they knew, just like you. So it is vital that you forgive yourself too for having gone along with whatever beliefs were passed onto you. You are not to blame either.

Take a moment now to ask yourself these questions to uncover what beliefs could be unconsciously holding you back from producing consistent income.

Did you hear of feel conflict about money when you were growing up?

Think about what was being said when you were sitting around the dinner table at home or at your best friend’s house. Or being ‘taught’ by your teachers in the classroom at school when they shared their view of the world and money.

Do the people around you not always speak positively about money?

What others are saying about money can re-enforce or challenge your own beliefs. Pay attention to what others are saying and notice whether it is positive or negative and how you feel about it. The important thing is to become aware and consciously consider if what they are saying is true.

Do you feel guilty or shameful about debt?

Debt can trigger all sorts of reactions. Believe it or not, in this modern world, there is such a thing as good debt (where there is a positive purpose and pay off plan). Why you have created debt – or never carry debt – will be very revealing about your money beliefs.

Through practicing forgiveness with yourself and others you will find freedom and release so you can finally move on.

By standing in your money power you have the opportunity to create a new family money legacy for yourself and the people who are important to you.

Now all you have to do is decide and take action! Start today – book a free money breakthrough session here