Marketing SuccessIf you are one of the growing number of passionate entrepreneurs determined to make your mark on the world and change your clients’ lives for the better you will have faced the challenge of identifying what sets you apart from your competition.

Why should someone do business with you? And just as important. Why should they choose you over someone else?

In marketing terms this is called identifying your unique selling proposition or USP. It is derived by thinking logically about what you and your competition offer and uncovering points of differentiation. This is crucial if you want to achieve marketing success.

Now, while there is obviously a place for this logical, thinking process it does leave out the most potent element of all. And that’s the YOU in the mix. Do this at your peril, especially if you are a client based service provider. Your clients are buying you – and the better you shine through the more ideal clients you’ll attract. And the better results you’ll both get.

Staying in your head and not tapping into your heart can never unearth that deep down innate quality that is uniquely you.

The answer lies in your heart not in your head.

It’s not your unique selling proposition but your unique brilliance that will turn heads and hearts in your direction so that’s why discovering your unique brilliance is fundamental to your marketing success.

Here’s a few quick tips to get you started on that path of discovery!

Tip #1
Toss out your fear that you are not good enough. I hope not because good enough is just not good enough! Know and acknowledge to yourself that you are brilliant and have a unique gift that only you can offer the world.

Tip #2
Tap into your heart and listen to your higher self to discover your unique brilliance. It’s not a skill like playing the violin but nor is it a mission statement that is outside of yourself and more about others. Your unique brilliance is inside every cell of your body or your core essence. Get in touch with what you love to do and do extraordinarily well that it comes so naturally to you whether you’re working or playing.

Tip # 3
Don’t compromise. Once you have discovered your unique brilliance – use it exclusively. Play in your own sandpit doing what you do best and let go of everything else. Hire an employee or outsource the tasks that don’t fall within your unique brilliance.

Tip #4
Be confident that whatever you tackle, using your unique brilliance cannot fail. Whatever you create will naturally be brilliant too.

Never forget – your unique brilliance is your core essence. It’s what you do automatically and brilliantly no matter what you are doing. In fact you were born with it and probably take it for granted and so have never recognised or acknowledged it as the powerful compass that it is.

Time to change that and bring your brilliant self forward and incorporate it into your brand to power up your marketing and achieve massive marketing success.

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Service based business owners and entrepreneurs are used to juggling a myriad of things and can often put up with issues or behaviour that holds them back instead of dealing with it and nipping it in the bud. One reason for this is they often don’t consider the real cost of toleration and simply learn to live with it.

Or so it seems. What’s really happening is their tolerance level is being stretched incrementally but just like a rubber band there’ll come a time when it will snap! And that’s when the peanut butter hits the fan and dramas are created. Dramas that can be avoided by taking action to address the situation sooner rather than later.

The best way I know to get into action is to ‘put a pencil to it’ meaning calculate what it is costing you to put up with (fill in the blank)!

A few common scenarios you could be tolerating.

  • Undercharging for the value you deliver
  • Discounting your fees even before a client asks
  • Giving away services that discount your value
  • Keeping an underperforming team member
  • Buckling in to an over demanding client
  • Supporting an unsatisfactory supplier
  • Permitting others to waste your time
  • Putting other’s needs ahead of your own

Now let’s extrapolate just one of these and see what the real cost of toleration adds up to in actual dollar terms.

Putting other’s needs ahead of your own

How much of your time is taken up by looking after friends, family and non-paying potential clients? Time you could be spending on your business. Think about an average day in your business then estimate the amount of time you spend looking after others needs that prevents you from using that time. Time is the one resource that’s not replenishable – once spent it’s gone forever.

Now, for our example let’s be conservative and say it’s just 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. That’s tallies up to 20 hours each and every month and remember when it comes to business, time is money. So let’s say your time is worth $100 hour (remember we’re being conservative here). That’s $2,000 every month you’re not charging out which comes to $24,000 annually.

Add to that the cost of missed opportunities. Opportunities that passed you by because you were ‘busy’ looking after others needs instead of minding your own business!

Ask yourself, what else could you have done with that time to create more income in your business? For instance, 5 hours each and every week spent on marketing would surely generate new clients. Even 1 extra new client a week would add up wouldn’t it?

Conservatively,  let’s say a new client is worth $1,000 (this could be more or less in your specific business) which means you’re like as not leaving an extra $4,000 each and every month on the table. That’s a whopping $48,000 each and every year that you can never get back.

It doesn’t take long to add up does it?

My coach’s request to you is to pick just one instance where you’ve been tolerating the situation and ‘put a pencil to it’ to come up with the real cost of toleration. Then all you need to do is decide specific actions you will take to change the situation and by when. The sooner the better!

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