3 Crucial Marketing Strategies to Consistently Get More Clients

puym_clients1Consistency is one of the most important factors in being a successful marketer. Ad hoc and stop-start efforts will yield little result because you simply cannot gain and maintain momentum.

A great analogy is a jet plane taking off. Statistics suggest that 25% of the fuel used for a short flight is burned just taking off. The payoff comes in the cruising speed because the hard work has already been done. Same for business. So inconsistency means you will constantly be in ‘take-off’ mode which means a lot of unnecessary hard work.

If you focus on these three crucial marketing strategies you’ll gain the momentum to consistently get more clients.

1.    Build your list 

You’ve probably heard the term “the money is in the list” and in modern marketing that’s definitely the case. Especially true if you are a solo-entrepreneur or small business. You simply don’t have the budget to compete with the big guys who throw millions at mass advertising to build their brand.

The good news is, you don’t have to. By capturing your prospective clients contact details you are in control of the conversation. This is the basis of direct marketing and the bigger and faster you can grow your list, the more prospects you can communicate with directly.

Whether you are connecting with prospective clients on-line or off-line (and you need to do both) the aim is to get them onto your private mailing list.

2.    Communicate 

As marketers there has never been a wider, easier, more accessible way to communicate with prospective clients. And therein lies the problem. Where, what and how to get your message out there.

Here’s my tip. Do your homework. Make sure you are totally clear on who you are and what you offer then plan your communication strategy to reach your target market. Choose your in person and online media platforms to get in front of them.

Keep re-enforcing the key aspects of what makes you different and how you help your clients move past their problem. Remember, if they don’t have a problem, they don’t need your services.

Then whether you are writing or speaking you can easily stay on topic.

Once they join your mailing list you can communicate with email and frequent newsletters, email campaigns and the like to keep adding value.

3.    Make offers

It never fails to amaze me how many business owners shy away from asking for the sale! You simply have to make offers which means you must ask people to buy from you, sign up to your workshops and special programs and whatever else you do to serve them.

The important things is to structure your offers in a way that your prospective client can understand the benefits of working with you. They need to feel confident that you can deliver before they will invest.

A good strategy is to offer choice. People like choice and you will make more sales if you provide option at different price points.

Remember, never stop marketing. Without marketing, your leads will dry up and you will struggle to consistently get more clients.