5 Must Have Criteria for Your Ideal Client Match

ideal_client1This may come as no surprise but not all clients are created equal. It’s also no surprise that working with the wrong clients can lead to disaster for both parties.Or at the very least to an unsatisfactory outcome – and no-one wants that.

So it makes good business sense to decide in advance what criteria your ideal clients need to meet so you can focus your marketing to attract more of them.

Here’s 5 must have criteria for your ideal client match.

1. Problem they have a great desire to solve

The world is full of people with problems but many of them are willing to put up with them with no real desire to change. So until and unless they are motivated to change you’ll have an uphill battle trying to persuade them to use your services.

The marketing opportunity lies with finding the people who are ready to take action because they can’t tolerate their situation any longer or they want something better for themselves. Only then will they be open to a solution.

2. Money to pay for what they want

One of the hardest things for heart-centred women entrepreneurs to accept is that they deserve to be well paid for their gifts. The reality is, unless you’re a charity or otherwise funded you can’t afford to undercharge or give away your services for free.

If you don’t make money you can’t stay in business and that serves no-one.

Your ideal clients must represent a group which has the ability to pay.

3. Prepared to spend money on solving their problem

Just because people have sufficient money doesn’t mean they will be willing to part with it.

Ideal clients on the other hand will have a history of spending money on self improvement and to solve their problems so they won’t need convincing to invest in themselves.

4. You are able to provide the solution

It goes without saying that you must be able to provide the solution to your ideal client’s specific problem. The more specialised you are and the more you can demonstrate the results clients get from working with you to solve their problem, the quicker you’ll attract more ideal clients just like them.

5. You are passionate about providing the solution

Let’s face it. If you’re hearts not in it you’ll lack the enthusiasm, energy and drive to build a sustainable business.

There’s simply no substitute for passion. It’s what will get you out of bed and into your day eager to attract more ideal clients and ready to serve them wholeheartedly.

An example of ideal clients who meet these criteria are people in business or wanting to start a business who see spending money to solve their problems as an investment rather than a cost. Another is people who are affluent and have a passion like golf, pets, or horse-riding who spend continually on self indulgence and enjoyment.

Once you find your ideal client match marketing your services will be a whole lot easier, a lot more fun, and much more financially rewarding.