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3 Reasons Why You Need Testimonials in Your Marketing Mix

Testimonials are hands down the most powerful tool in your arsenal for creating trust and value in you and your offering. On the flip side, they are also one of the most underutilized in most businesses. If you don’t already have a strategy to collect and use testimonials in your marketing mix then you are […]


11 Networking Tips for Business Owners Who Hate Networking

Some people love networking, but for others, the mere thought can bring them out in hives and increase their pulse rate! All the same networking is an essential part of the marketing mix. And as a business owner you know you have to get out there at some point, in some way, and physically meet […]

Secrets to a Strong Personal Brand

Your personal brand is becoming increasingly important as web trends are more and more driven by social networking platforms. It’s no longer enough to rely on your website to share your message with the world. Other people are sharing things about you, videos of you, articles written by you day in and day out. There’s […]

How to Be a Leader of Your Business That Others Want to Follow

Right now, more than ever business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for leadership which means they are looking for someone to show them the way. Question is are you a leader of your business? Are you someone others want to follow? And I’m not just talking Twitter-style followers where you follow me and I follow […]

Is Outsourcing Right for Your Solo Business?

Outsourcing dilemma? Have you often thought, “I could get it all done myself but I just don’t have the time…”? It may be that the time has come to pay someone else to take tasks off your plate and free up your time. But how do you know? When is outsourcing the best choice for […]

Who’s Life Are You Living? (Quiz)

Who’s life are you living is a question you should ask yourself to check if you are really living your own life or somebody else’s. The reason is that fulfilment in life is related to how well you are living in alignment with what’s truly important to you. Do your decisions emerge from the essence […]

The Solopreneur’s Guide to Deliver a Great Presentation

Delivering a great presentation is one of the most effective marketing strategies available to the solopreneur to communicate your own message to a rapt crowd. And yet far too many solopreneurs shy away from presentation opportunities due to a fear of public speaking or putting themselves “out there” before an audience of people that may […]

The Single Biggest Mistake Small Business Owners Make With Their Advertising.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs make the same fundamental mistake when they put their hard earned money into advertising. The reason why is obvious, but little understood.  They simply copy the big end of town and do what big companies do because they think that’s how to advertise successfully. After all, aren’t those companies […]


How to Get Great Client Testimonials to Help You Make More Sales

While most people know the value of client testimonials they often miss the opportunity to get great testimonials, designed to help them make more sales. You don’t want to end up with ‘nice-guy’ or ‘nice-gal’ testimonials that say ‘nice’ things about you but fail to show others why they should do business with you as […]

How to Use Google Docs Effectively

There are so many reasons to use Google Docs for ease and speed that it’s little wonder it’s taken off. Plus, it’s free! You already know that most word processing software programs don’t come cheap. Even the most commonly used, MS Word and Excel Spreadsheets comes at a hefty price tag if it’s not preinstalled […]