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Create an Editorial Calendar to Tame Your Content Marketing

Could an editorial calendar be your ultimate secret weapon? Well, if you’re producing any kind of content the answer is YES! If you’re creating and distributing newsletters, blog posts, social shares, graphics, podcasts, webinars, tweets and/or videos—to market your coaching business, you’ll know it can get pretty complicated. The print publication industry originally developed the […]

Use Google Alerts to Boost Your Business

There are very few free tools as powerful, yet simple as the Google Alerts service. You can think of it as your own automated, fully customised search engine service because that’s what it is. Google Alerts is a service that generates search engine results, based on criteria decided by you. And delivers the results to […]


What To Do When You Hit The Money Glass Ceiling

Wondering how to tell if you’ve hit the money glass ceiling? The path to abundance is strewn with roadblocks that can keep diverting you from reaching and enjoying the richness in your life and business that is your birthright. If you’ve found yourself stuck at roughly the same income level no matter how hard you […]

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What is The Real Cost of Toleration?

Service based business owners and entrepreneurs are used to juggling a myriad of things and can often put up with issues or behaviour that holds them back instead of dealing with it and nipping it in the bud. One reason for this is they often don’t consider the real cost of toleration and simply learn […]

Speak Up and Ditch Your Fears

Do you value being seen and heard? Do you want to have truly successful relationships? Do you want to make an impact on others? Then speak up! Of course, for some people, that’s easier said than done. You might prefer to train wild tigers than tell another person what’s really on your mind. But it […]


Do You Give It All Away?

Do you give it all away? Most of us have been taught that it is better to give than to receive. While giving can be a wonderful, heart-warming experience, giving too much of our time and energy can be detrimental to both our physical and emotional health, leading to anxiety, overwhelm and even burnout. For […]

6 Tips for Powerful Subject Lines in Your Email Marketing

Your subject line is the single most important sentence in all your emails. A slightly better subject line is going to make a bigger impact than a much better email. The more people who you get to open your email, the more click-throughs you’re going to get and the more sales you’ll get. So how […]


Master the Sales Conversation and Get More Clients

Becoming a master of the sales conversation is one sure fire way to get more clients. After all when you are in front of a prospective client, whether in person or on the phone this is the best chance you will have to turn your prospect client into a paying client.  In marketing terms the […]

Where Does Advertising Fit Into the Marketing Mix?

Many people get confused about the role of advertising in the marketing mix so here’s a simple view of where it fits in. In the traditional marketing model, we talk about the 4 P’s Product Pricing Place Promotion The last section – Promotion is what we mean when we say you are “doing your marketing”. […]

QUIZ:  Are You Living in Alignment with Your Values?

Fulfillment in life is related to how well you are living in alignment with your values. Values are not morals or principles. They are the essence of who you are – not who you think you should be and certainly not who others think you should be. For instance, money is not a value, whereas […]