A woman hitting the money glass ceilingWondering how to tell if you’ve hit the money glass ceiling?

The path to abundance is strewn with roadblocks that can keep diverting you from reaching and enjoying the richness in your life and business that is your birthright.

If you’ve found yourself stuck at roughly the same income level no matter how hard you work or what you do then chances are you’ve hit your self imposed money glass ceiling.

This glass ceiling is an invisible barrier that you co-created and inherited from your family and other significant people from your childhood then re-enforced over your lifetime.

Money is simply a mirror of how much you value yourself and how much you are prepared to show up in your life.  This is reflected in the amount you are willing to receive.  No-where is this more tested than when running your own business.

And the reason you feel trapped and find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again is because these beliefs are buried deep and lurking in your sub-conscious.  That’s why knowing this intellectually is not enough because it is your subconscious that is really running the show.

Consciously and logically you know you are skilled, experienced, and capable of so much more yet you fall short of your own expectations so begin to question and doubt that you can achieve your goals.

The good news is it is totally within your control to change your negative beliefs and heal your relationship with money.  The little known secret to increase your net-worth is to increase your self-worth.

It is our self-worth perception that holds us back or spurs us forward.  This is why all the efforting you engage in is often frustrating and fruitless if deep down you don’t truly believe you are worthy of being paid what you are worth.

Also be alert to the notion that how you do money is how you do everything.

Like peeling back the layers of an artichoke to get to the heart of the matter you can start identifying the negative beliefs you hold about yourself and eliminate them one by one, replacing them with empowering beliefs instead.

There are 4 emotional undercurrents to be aware of.

  • rejection
  • fear
  • guilt
  • shame

Remember, it is your thoughts that create your emotions and how you feel creates your actions which in turn affect your outcomes.

In the moment, when you notice feelings come up that cause you tightness or restriction – stop and ask yourself “What am I telling myself that is making me uncomfortable”?  Listening to your answer will unearth the disempowering belief that is likely to be driving your actions.

For example, a common limiting belief (especially for women) is the recurring theme of “I’m not good enough”.  A more empowering belief would be “I’m perfect, right now, just as I am”.

If you really want to breakthrough your money glass ceiling, heal your relationship with money and increase abundance in all areas of your life, including your business then cleaning up your mindset is a critical place to start.  Get started today!

Service based business owners and entrepreneurs are used to juggling a myriad of things and can often put up with issues or behaviour that holds them back instead of dealing with it and nipping it in the bud. One reason for this is they often don’t consider the real cost of toleration and simply learn to live with it.

Or so it seems. What’s really happening is their tolerance level is being stretched incrementally but just like a rubber band there’ll come a time when it will snap! And that’s when the peanut butter hits the fan and dramas are created. Dramas that can be avoided by taking action to address the situation sooner rather than later.

The best way I know to get into action is to ‘put a pencil to it’ meaning calculate what it is costing you to put up with (fill in the blank)!

A few common scenarios you could be tolerating.

  • Undercharging for the value you deliver
  • Discounting your fees even before a client asks
  • Giving away services that discount your value
  • Keeping an underperforming team member
  • Buckling in to an over demanding client
  • Supporting an unsatisfactory supplier
  • Permitting others to waste your time
  • Putting other’s needs ahead of your own

Now let’s extrapolate just one of these and see what the real cost of toleration adds up to in actual dollar terms.

Putting other’s needs ahead of your own

How much of your time is taken up by looking after friends, family and non-paying potential clients? Time you could be spending on your business. Think about an average day in your business then estimate the amount of time you spend looking after others needs that prevents you from using that time. Time is the one resource that’s not replenishable – once spent it’s gone forever.

Now, for our example let’s be conservative and say it’s just 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. That’s tallies up to 20 hours each and every month and remember when it comes to business, time is money. So let’s say your time is worth $100 hour (remember we’re being conservative here). That’s $2,000 every month you’re not charging out which comes to $24,000 annually.

Add to that the cost of missed opportunities. Opportunities that passed you by because you were ‘busy’ looking after others needs instead of minding your own business!

Ask yourself, what else could you have done with that time to create more income in your business? For instance, 5 hours each and every week spent on marketing would surely generate new clients. Even 1 extra new client a week would add up wouldn’t it?

Conservatively,  let’s say a new client is worth $1,000 (this could be more or less in your specific business) which means you’re like as not leaving an extra $4,000 each and every month on the table. That’s a whopping $48,000 each and every year that you can never get back.

It doesn’t take long to add up does it?

My coach’s request to you is to pick just one instance where you’ve been tolerating the situation and ‘put a pencil to it’ to come up with the real cost of toleration. Then all you need to do is decide specific actions you will take to change the situation and by when. The sooner the better!

If you want some help finding the money leaks in your business take advantage of my free 30 minute money breakthrough discovery session

Do you give it all away? Most of us have been taught that it is better to give than to receive. While giving can be a wonderful, heart-warming experience, giving too much of our time and energy can be detrimental to both our physical and emotional health, leading to anxiety, overwhelm and even burnout.

For a business owner this can have far worse ramifications and may keep you struggling to create a sustainable income and possibly even lead to losing your business.

Take this quick quiz to see if you give it all away.

  1. I force myself to do things even when I don’t have the energy to do them.
  2. I ignore my body’s “no” signals when I think someone’s needs are greater than mine.
  3. I feel obligated to answer the phone when it rings even when I’m in the middle of something that’s important to me.
  4. I hate conflict, so I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid it, which often means doing something I don’t want to do.
  5. The amount of time I spend listening to others far exceeds the amount of time that others really listen to me.
  6. I feel guilty if I don’t answer all the emails I receive.
  7. In order to provide luxuries for my family I work many more hours than I want to.
  8. I schedule my work time around my clients’ needs rather than around my own preferences.
  9. I can’t say no when people in need ask me for money.
  10. When I’m out to dinner with people who have less money than I do, I feel obligated to pick up the cheque.
  11. I volunteer for my place of worship or other organisations even if I don’t have the time.
  12. People won’t like me if I say no so I usually say yes and then often resent it.
  13. I’m the person everyone calls when they need help: a babysitter, chauffeur, or someone to fill in when they’ve made a commitment they can’t keep
  14. My children’s happiness comes before mine. I’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy.
  15. I have a hard time saying no to my partner because I want them to be happy, even if saying yes makes me unhappy.
  16. I feel selfish if I don’t share what I have with others.

If you answered true more often than false, you may want to find ways to create more balance in your life by getting clear on your values and priorities and learn more about boundary setting.

Please don’t hesitate to book a free money breakthrough discovery session with me if you’d like to explore more about how to have a healthy relationship with money.

If you want to increase your income I suggest you set yourself a bold money goal so you know exactly what you want to achieve. Be specific. Ask yourself this question “How much more do I want to make”?

Whatever that number is, raising your fees is one way to reach your goal but it’s not the only way. I can think of at least 7 additional ways to create more income in your business.

#1.  Offer training courses

Think of ways to help your clients improve their skills or learn to do something that will support them to achieve better outcomes. Then create a training course designed to transfer your knowledge and teach them the “how to”.

#2.  Run workshops

Workshops are a great format for accomplishing specific outcomes. Unlike training courses which are based on learning how to do something – workshops provide a hands on way to get the job done. Done-with-you, rather than done-for-you workshops can be run as a one off or a series and people are willing to invest in them.

#3.  Lead groups

While your one-to-one service can be very lucrative, leading groups offers an opportunity for clients to participate at a lower investment. Collectively this can add up to an overall increase in income to you. An added advantage is you get to serve more people, some of whom will invest further with you down the track.

#4.  Offer different packages

One size fits all might be OK in the fashion industry but it means a take it or leave it decision if you’re offering services. So it’s much smarter to offer different packages to provide a choice at various investment levels. This means you will make more sales and increase your income.

#5.  Speak

Whether you are being paid or not, speaking is the absolute best way to get in front of potential clients to build the know, like and trust factor that is essential to creating relationships and making sales. At the very least you want to leave with their contact details so you can continue to communicate with them and turn your prospects into paying clients.

#6. Create Information Products

Everyone knows information that other people will value and be prepared to pay for. Fact is there is a huge demand for information. Chances are better than good that you are already providing information to someone about something you know about. And chances are you are giving it away free when people would gladly give you money for it.

You can make passive additional income from what you already know while providing your clients with additional, budget-friendly ways to learn from you.

#7. Offer VIP days (one of my top favourites)

VIP stands for ‘very important person’ and offering VIP days as an intensive one-on-one experience is both lucrative for you and highly productive for the client.

With a set agenda focused on accomplishing specific outcomes for an individual a VIP day is a high-end offer with a highly valued payoff so you can charge a higher fee. It’s a fact, many clients just love that level of personal attention and single focus and are willing to pay a higher fee to get it.

If you’re not offering VIP Days yet, it means you’re leaving money on the table that could be added to your bank account.

So when you look at your business as a whole, raising your rates is just one way to make more money and increase your income. I recommend you look from a higher perspective and decide what additional income streams you can create.

Book a free discovery session here if you’d like to explore specific ways and understand the ‘how’ to increase your income that would work in your business.

Everyone has heard the saying ‘time is money’ but have you ever stopped to think about exactly what it means?

One thing is certain. They are not equal so don’t have the same value.

You have to agree, time is finite and we all have the same 24 hours in every day. There can never be more time for you, me or anyone else. We know that for certain. Plus, once spent it’s gone, until we start a new day. We also know, without doubt that our days are limited! For sure, some people live longer than others but our days are still numbered.

On the other hand, money is infinite. It’s unlimited. We can always replenish it, and we do.

However, one of the biggest limiters in making more money is charging by the hour. Remember, you can only work so many hours in any given day. Anyway, whyever did we think we need to buy someone’s time and not the results they deliver? Surely quicker is better!

I believe it comes from the long-established tradition of charging by the hour if you deliver services or when you were an employee you were probably paid by the hour.

This is why most service based business owners structure their fees based on the amount of time it takes. Often using an hour as the benchmark and filling up that time with the belief they are delivering full value. In reality, it’s a lot like cupboard space that you find more stuff to put into them rather than leave them half empty.

But what if you could deliver the same (or better) results in half the time? Wouldn’t that actually be delivering even greater value because your client would be really happy to have spent less time and be ready to move on.

Remember – time is money!

Now if you think you can’t get great results in less time, think about this.

A lot of business owners spend far too much time talking about their processes and wanting to educate their clients with too much information that they really don’t need to know. Thing is, you don’t need to tell your clients everything you know and you certainly don’t have to be the one to solve all their problems.

Ask yourself this question. What’s the one thing, that if you solved that it would move your clients forward?

Want to discuss how to transition from charging by the hour and package and price your services to increase your income? Book a complimentary breakthrough session here

ForgivenessWhat has forgiveness got to do with money? Well, the thing about negative beliefs is that most often they don’t even belong to us. We simply pick them up, usually at a very young age from those around us. More than likely from our parents or other significant people in our lives and we adopted them unconsciously, without question and without even realising it.

This is particularly true about money. If we hang on to those beliefs then over our life time they are re-enforced as the evidence mounts up. By now the culprit is our subconscious mind because that’s who is really running the show and calling the shots.

If you are a business owner, relying on yourself to create and keep money in your business and your life just imagine the havoc that having a 5 year old at the helm will cause.

The key to healing your relationship with money is to recognise who you inherited your beliefs from and forgive them. They were only doing the best with what they knew, just like you. So it is vital that you forgive yourself too for having gone along with whatever beliefs were passed onto you. You are not to blame either.

Take a moment now to ask yourself these questions to uncover what beliefs could be unconsciously holding you back from producing consistent income.

Did you hear of feel conflict about money when you were growing up?

Think about what was being said when you were sitting around the dinner table at home or at your best friend’s house. Or being ‘taught’ by your teachers in the classroom at school when they shared their view of the world and money.

Do the people around you not always speak positively about money?

What others are saying about money can re-enforce or challenge your own beliefs. Pay attention to what others are saying and notice whether it is positive or negative and how you feel about it. The important thing is to become aware and consciously consider if what they are saying is true.

Do you feel guilty or shameful about debt?

Debt can trigger all sorts of reactions. Believe it or not, in this modern world, there is such a thing as good debt (where there is a positive purpose and pay off plan). Why you have created debt – or never carry debt – will be very revealing about your money beliefs.

Through practicing forgiveness with yourself and others you will find freedom and release so you can finally move on.

By standing in your money power you have the opportunity to create a new family money legacy for yourself and the people who are important to you.

Now all you have to do is decide and take action! Start today – book a free money breakthrough session here puym.com.au/money-breakthrough-coaching/

Most women – and many men too, struggle with their relationship with money.

And nowhere is this more evident than for business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to make a living and an impact selling their services. It is especially true for heart-centered service based business owners like health practitioners, healers and the like who often undercharge and over deliver and even give away their services so they never make the money they need or deserve.

If that’s you – you know you want more money to do the things that are important to you, like build your business, send your kids to the best schools, enjoy family holidays and pay off debt. But you often find yourself at a loss as to how to create and keep more money.

And you are just as likely to be uncomfortable talking about money which means you hesitate to ask for the sale, apologise for your fees or include too much in your packages and services. Either way you find yourself contributing more than what you’re being compensated for. Whichever way you look at it, it’s common to feel that money is a necessity of life that you don’t feel in control of.

The reason this is a problem is because if you’re not in control of money in your life then money is controlling you. Or you’re always feeling some kind of stress regarding money. And that stress is holding you back from multiplying your income and multiplying how much money you get to keep and spend every month.

The good news is money is very simple to master no matter where you’re starting from right now. Once you have a strategy for knowing how to value yourself – and how to take simple actions that put you in control – you’ll begin to make and keep more money. And when you have simple money systems you’ll be ale to confidently stand in your power with money, with anyone and in any situation. This is how you increase your self-worth AND your net worth!

For example, let’s say you under charge or are under compensated for your healing services. Or when you think about making more money, it feels a little overwhelming or that you would have to work harder.

Now, let me share my tips with you that will begin to make this easier for you. There are 5 key areas that make up the formula for creating a healthy relationship with money.

They are Forgiveness, Boundaries, Action, Empowerment and Mindset. By having clarity and knowing what to do in each of these 5 key areas, you’ll automatically begin to make more money and have more to save or spend how you want.

The fastest way to solve the problem of how to make and keep more money to get a Money Breakthrough and create a healthy relationship with money is to get a snap shot of where you are right now so you know exactly what you can focus on to achieve your money goals.

And remember, money needs to be paid attention to as it will get your attention one way or the other, and most often in a way you don’t like, if you ignore it.

Start by asking yourself these questions….

1. Forgiveness (of yourself and others)
What beliefs are unconsciously holding you back from producing consistent income?

2. Boundaries
Where are you putting the needs and wishes of others ahead of your own?

3. Action
What specific systems do you have for handling your money, your bills and even paying off debt easily? And what opportunities are you missing out on if you don’t have these?

4. Empowerment
Are you caught in the common trap where inwardly you’re not sure how to stand in your value and be compensated highly for your expertise and gifts?

5. Mindset
How would you benefit from a shift in your mindset? (a fresh perspective to help you see what’s possible for yourself).

You now have a window into where you are at right now with your relationship with money as well as where you need to focus to begin creating a more healthy relationship from here on out.

The good news is you are not stuck where you are forever – there’s always more, if you are prepared to nurture your relationship with money.

If you would like to know more about how money can be a great resource for us all, get in touch at https://powerupyourmarketing.com/money-breakthrough-coaching/

When it comes to having more control in your business it is vital to have strong but flexible boundaries.

The tricky thing is, getting the balance right and to remain in control. Otherwise it’s all too easy for other people’s interests to take precedence over your own.

There are essentially 4 types of boundaries:-

1. Soft
A person with soft boundaries basically has no boundaries. There’s no distinction between them and other people. They can either be completely narcissistic, on one end of the spectrum, or on the other end they’re really easily manipulated, disempowered, controlled or taken advantage of.

2. Spongy
What really defines somebody with spongy boundaries is that they’re either inconsistent or unsure of what to let in and what to keep out. For example, this might show up as somebody who has to ask the opinion of a lot of people first before they know what to do. They can sometimes be a little overly rigid, and then they’ll flip-¬‐flop the other way. There’s a lot of inconsistency.

3. Rigid
Going to the place of being rigid can lead a person to the point where they cut themselves off from opportunity which is not great either. A person with rigid boundaries is closed or walled off. They don’t let people get close to them as a form of protection which results in being closed off to possibilities.

4. Flexible
The last one is flexible. This is somebody who has distinct boundaries but has a sense of control so there’s a little bit more margin or flexibility for give and take without being manipulated or exploited. They understand and are making a conscious choice about what they’re doing and are in control.

Though fairly resistant and consistent they have some flexibility that comes from more certainty and confidence so they can decide clearly what to let in and what to keep out.

Ask yourself where you are on this scale in most situations? And how you can move towards being more flexible.

A few tell-tale signs that your money boundaries could be slipping are if

•    You often feel uncomfortable discussing money
•    You have not substantially increased your income over the past year
•    You often under value what you are worth

If any of these are true for you and you are ready for this to be different, take my tip and focus on strengthening your boundaries.

Aim for flexible boundaries that value yourself while honoring others, and apply them so you’ll have more control and soon begin to make and keep more money in your business – and your life.

How you think and feel about money is the key to how you can make and keep more money in your life and business.

Making money is easy. I know plenty of people who have done it plenty of times. What isn’t so easy is hanging onto it. I also know plenty of people who make plenty of money, yet they still don’t have any. Still others think making money is hard and have a hard time making it as a result.

Many people claim their money reality is because of all sorts of external reasons blaming certain events, their local economy, the world economy or even luck – be it good or bad. What this really means is they’re not taking responsibility for their actions. It’s like they are a bystander and their money situation has simply happened to them as if they had no say in it. They are really hiding from the truth.

Truth is, we all make decisions based on our beliefs. These beliefs create our thoughts which create our feelings which in turn create our actions. So it’s actually a result of the decisions we made or did not make that contributed to our current circumstances. However it’s not that simple because even though we might make these decisions consciously it’s really our subconscious mind that’s running the show. So it’s little wonder we often feel we don’t have control and continue to give away our power around money.

Here are my 5 tips to help you make and keep more money to create financial abundance in your life and your business.

Tip #1 Don’t give away your power around money

Let’s face it, in this age of modern living its money that makes the world go round. So it’s little wonder that a large amount of our daily thoughts involve money or thinking about money.

Whether we’re spending it on basic necessities or luxuries – saving or investing it, our thoughts are very much focused around money.

But here’s the thing, money on its own is nothing. It’s what gets to happen for you because of your money that is the key to its power. That’s why giving away your power around money is so detrimental to your life and your business.

The first step to taking back your power around money is to acknowledge your money reality and get out of denial.

Tip #2 Get out of denial

Ignoring your money reality will not make it go away. Better to face up to what got you to where you are which means an honest look at your history to uncover the patterns in your behaviour around money that you keep repeating.

The good news is, your reality is a result of your past actions so you can change that starting right now.

But first you have to scrap magic money thinking

Tip #3 Scrap magic money thinking

Magic money thinking is the misguided idea that you simply need to focus on your desires and they will come to you. Yes, it’s essential to be clear and ask for what you want but that’s just the beginning. As the Chinese proverb goes “Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time!”

Which means, unless you take action nothing will happen.

And not just any action but inspired action because if you keep taking the same action you usually take you’ll get the results you usually get.

A guaranteed motivator to inspire action is to have a purpose for your money.

Tip #4 Have a purpose for your money

Here’s where the Law of Attraction will assist. If you have a purpose for your money which after all is just energy, you will attract more of it.

Ask yourself this question. What do you want the money for? Be specific.

Remember, money makes the world go round and we exchange it for the things we want in our lives. It’s not enough to simply want more without being specific about what you will do with the money or the purpose you want the money for. Money is energy and it will flow to where it is wanted.

Now decide how much do you want? Set a bodacious money goal to achieve it. Get creative and write a very specific desire statement along with how much money it will take to achieve it. Or if you’re more visual a money vision board that you can look at throughout every day will help keep you focused.

Then pay attention to your money so you can manifest it.

Tip #5 Pay attention to your money

Money loves to be paid attention to and ignoring it won’t work because it will get your attention. Of that you can be sure…usually it’s in a way you won’t like!

Having set your bodacious money goal you need to track your money daily. Use a system and stick to it. Record where your money comes from including all sources as well as where it goes. By staying energetically attached to your money you will stay out of denial and in the flow.

Implement these tips and you’ll be well on your way to making and keeping more money to create financial abundance in your life and your business.

I agree with Confucius who is reputed to have said “Man with open mouth waits long time for roast duck to fly in!” Too many trainers, consultants or coaches don’t know what they’re worth or don’t have the confidence to ask to be paid well for the services they deliver. Even when their clients get fabulous results they still often undervalue their role in the outcome.

That’s why too many talented self-employed professionals struggle with undercharging and this is especially true of women.

When the subject comes up about raising their fees many women talk themselves out of it because they start listening to the monkey chatter in their head instead.  This means they end up playing safe and either don’t raise their fees or just nudge them up a little.

The flip side is that being known as cheap is actually harmful to your brand as well as your bank account so it can actually work against you. Double jeopardy!

My tip is to stay focused on the outcome you deliver and keep in mind that your prospective client is looking for value so you can feel confident to charge what you’re worth.

Here’s 3 sure signs it’s time to raise your fees.

  1. Your clients are telling you – you should charge more
    While this may seem extraordinary it’s not actually that uncommon to hear clients say things like “I got much more value than I paid for” or “you’re worth more money” or even “you should charge more for what you do”.So if you’re hearing comments like this it’s definitely time to raise your fees.
  2. You haven’t raised your fees for 12 months or more

I believe you are either moving forward or going backwards, never just standing still. And this applies to your fees as well.  If you are not raising your prices at least once a year (twice is better) then you are falling behind.

Be aware though not to fall into the trap of just keeping up. Obviously the cost of living continues to go up yet at the same time you continue to gain so much more experience year in, year out. This means you deliver ever increasing value and your fee increase needs to reflect this as well.

  1. You are signing up 75% or more from your enrolment conversationsThis is a big one. In marketing terms we call this ‘closing the sale’ or ‘getting a conversion’ and the higher the conversion rate the better. But here’s the kicker. If you are selling services your clients are buying the results they want from working with you. And the closer you get to 100% the more important it is to raise your fees otherwise you could end up overworked for too little return.Now this may seem counter intuitive but when you raise your fees you can earn the same amount serving less clients. Alternatively you can continue with the same client load and earn more money.
    If any of these signs are true for you, my coach’s challenge is to raise your fees.