7 Secrets of Business Branding Success

If any of the questions below are hitting home, I can help you get your business back on track through your marketing

I’m Kathleen Ann and I’m in the business of helping you combine marketing and mindset strategies to make headway in your business.

  • Do you love the world of business but find the world of marketing a little daunting?
  • Would you like to start your week happier, knowing you will bring in more clients throughout the week?
  • Do you want to be happier serving clients knowing they’re paying you what you’re worth?
  • Are you overwhelmed and in need of streamlining your services so you can be more productive?

Client Successes

Irene Latoa<br />Wollongong, Australia</br>

Irene Latoa
Wollongong, Australia


"In fact turnover has increased 20% every month for five straight months since starting with Kathleen"

I was fortunate to meet Kathleen when I was fresh out of a corporate career and in the start up stages of my new book keeping franchisee business.

Sharon Hespe<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Sharon Hespe
Sydney, Australia


“I’ve become an implementation machine and I’m over the moon because I’ve got my mojo back.”

I have been a Naturopath for 8 years – specialising in food intolerance issues and although I was getting great results with clients I knew my message wasn’t reaching enough people.

Plus I’d seen others selling programs on nutrition who weren’t even qualified but had positioned themselves as experts. I needed help with marketing.

Liane Madden<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Liane Madden
Sydney, Australia


"I’m now doing 30% more business and have smashed my bold money goal"

I’m a creative florist with a bricks and mortar shop and my business turnover has gone up each and every week for the past 3 months since working with Kathleen Ann.

Fern Chang<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Fern Chang
Sydney, Australia


"I’ve raised my fees to match the value I deliver"

When I first met Kathleen, I was working hard on my business but did not have clarity about my direction.

This meant I was holding back and my marketing was ad-hoc so I was struggling to attract clients even though I was charging way too little.

Bel O’Mullane<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Bel O’Mullane
Sydney, Australia


"Remarkably I have accomplished all this in just a few short months and as a result I have already doubled my income"

In the first year of running my business I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Ann at my local Real Biz meeting.

At the time, my brand was generic and I had limited systems in place to attract and service clients. So I immediately recognised that I needed her help and signed up for her signature training.

Mirella DeBoni<br />Airlie Beach, Australia</br>

Mirella DeBoni
Airlie Beach, Australia


"I have easy to implement systems and structure that were clearly missing from my business before, and since implementing them I have attracted more clients."

I have been working with Kathleen Ann for 2 months and it was the best decision I have made for myself and for my business. Kathleen is so easy to talk to and has really supported me to make the changes I needed to make, to take my business past the 6 figures level.

Matthew Vasilescu-Photographer <br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Matthew Vasilescu-Photographer
Sydney, Australia


"You will learn a great deal about yourself and your business which will give you the next steps to take for your business brand"

Having been in business for 16 years you can often get stale or a little lazy and just keep plodding along bringing in the money. I attended Kathleen’s workshop in order to re-focus my brand and invest in my business so as I know where I am heading and exactly what I am doing.

Katherine Hodge<br />Sydney, Australia</br>

Katherine Hodge
Sydney, Australia


"I highly recommend this creative day to business owners who want a stand-out Brand"

I just spent a day out of my Business with Kathleen Ann, Power Up Your Marketing to work on my own marketing and positioning. My Business has been growing steadily for nearly 2 years and I am ready to take it to the next level. I want to be prepared for my ideal clients and ensure Make Me Grow delivers the best possible brand experience & service to them.