Person using Google docs

How to Use Google Docs Effectively

Person using Google docsThere are so many reasons to use Google Docs for ease and speed that it’s little wonder it’s taken off. Plus, it’s free!

You already know that most word processing software programs don’t come cheap. Even the most commonly used, MS Word and Excel Spreadsheets comes at a hefty price tag if it’s not preinstalled on your computer.

So, if you’re looking for a top-notch document creation software that is absolutely free, look no further than Google Docs, Google’s web-based system. This system makes creating and editing documents quick and easy.

Perhaps most importantly, it makes sharing documents easy. If you work with clients or contractors on projects it can be challenging to track everything. One missed deadline or message can derail an entire project. Google Docs can help when used as a project management tool to help you stay on track.

To use the software, you must have a Gmail account or go to and register for a Google account. Once at the Google Docs website, the rest is easy.

Simply follow these 5 steps below.

Step #1

Click on the big PLUS SIGN icon that says “Start a new document,” in the upper left hand corner.

Step #2

Choose the type of document you want to create; spreadsheet, document or slides. The system also offers various templates for letters, resumes, meeting notes, project proposals and more. It couldn’t be easier.

Step #3

Once you’ve made your document choice, a new document will open. You can format your content the same way you would a Word document; you’ll see the same type of toolbar at the top of the page. You can choose your font type, size, and formatting. You can justify the page right or left, highlight, list items, and include text links. Sheets works similarly to Excel.

Step #4

After you have created your document, the final step is to save it and here’s one of the ways where utilizing Google documents really pays off. You’ll save your document as a Google document. It won’t really ask you how you want to save your document. And it will store the document in a main folder or you can create sub folders, this allows you to label and organize them how you see fit. Whenever you sign into your Google or Gmail account you will have access to all of your Google documents.

Step #5

If you want to export the document and store it on your desktop or hard drive all you have to do is click on the file menu and choose “download as” from the pop up list. There you will see that you have several formatting options for downloading the document, including MS Word. That means if you’re sending the document to someone who uses MS Word, you can download it as a Word doc and send it to them quickly and easily.

Here’s the final reason Google documents is a great resource, you can share your documents by simply clicking the word “Share” in the upper right hand of the document toolbar. There, you will see you have a number of options, including emailing the document, sharing it on some social media platforms and inviting people to view it by sending them a link to the document. This makes collaboration extremely simple.

It also means you’ll have access to your documents wherever you can access the internet from your smartphone or tablet.

One more thing, Google docs is not the same as Google Drive which is an information organization system that Google docs works within.