Discover How to Set Yourself Up Expertly on LinkedIn as a Woman in Business so that People Find YOU for What You DO… as Well as Learn How to Find Your Target Market so You Can Start Cultivating Exciting Business Relationships & Lucrative Referral Alliances

Who else is lost on LinkedIn?
• Fed up with wasting time without getting results?
• Not getting quality connections, leads or sales?
• Mystified as to how the whole thing works and ready to scream?
• Know there’s huge & lucrative potential if you could just figure it out?

Well you’re not alone….this is the experience of the vast majority of people on LinkedIn. Especially women. Many women downplay vital elements, so effectively they hide out rather than stand out which means they don’t take full advantage of this lucrative B2B platform.

Until now…

ANNOUNCING “LightUp YOUR Marketing on LinkedIn” a workshop exclusively for women run by women experts in their fields of Marketing & LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn is not a set and forget strategy. Creating an effective and lucrative LinkedIn presence is a combination of knowing the right marketing information as well as where and how to include it for maximum impact and results. But once you know how to do
it, there will be no stopping you growing your business with this powerful lead generation platform.

What if you knew how to…

• position yourself as THE EXPERT in your field so you can make higher end connections
• present your BRAND and what you stand for, so you STAND OUT and you’re not just a ‘me too’ lost on LinkedIn
• zero in on your niche and ideal client so you can use specific marketing language to ATTRACT them to you
• choose the right keywords that magically FIND YOU when your prospects are searching for help
• request and get strong testimonials and endorsements that evidence your skill and expertise in what you do
• fill in all the key sections with specific and relevant information using the right tone and authentic language

And what if you could get this done-in-a-day… guided step-by-step, implementing as you go! That’s right you’ll be on-line and updating your information throughout the day. And don’t worry, we’ll show you how to keep it a ‘secret’ until you’re ready to
share it with all your connections. That’s just one of the tips you’ll want to use going forward.

Just imagine having the movers & shakers in your business reaching out to connect with YOU – this could mean….

• more collaboration opportunities to increase your income and profile
• automatic exposure to ever expanding connections
• more enquiries from prospective clients who want to hire you
• easier sales because prospects get to know, like and trust you faster
• personal and professional growth and who knows where that may lead
• up-leveling your network through strategic introductions


Kathleen Ann

A corporate escapee, Kathleen Ann is known as the “Money & Marketing
Champion” for heart-centred women entrepreneurs and business owners.

She is the Founder of ‘Power Up Your Marketing’ and holds multiple Money and Marketing Coach certifications.

Kathleen is passionate about helping women to value themselves so they can speak out, step up, stand out and get paid what they’re worth which means they can make and keep more money in their life.

Jillian Bullock

Jillian Bullock is the LinkedIn Ninja Down Under. Which is an accreditation not just a cool sounding name. She is one of an elite group of only 9 worldwide who studied this unique social media platform for 12 months, to received a certification in LinkedIn. Jillian is the only 1 in Australia.

Combining her solid corporate background in marketing Jillian offers training via workshops – in house customised training programs as well as 1:1 consulting. In just the past year Jillian has lead 34 workshops all around Australia.

Here’s what previous participants are saying about the workshop

Even though I had set up my LinkedIn profile years ago I really didn’t understand how to market myself or how it worked.
So I jumped at the chance to learn from Kathleen and Jillian and I’m so glad I did. They explained everything in laymen’s terms so it was easy to understand and
follow. Plus they were very patient and gave everyone individual attention where they needed it. As a trainer myself, I like that. I realised that my profile wasn’t reader friendly or optimised. I had no idea about some of the sections and their value like “Interests” and “Awards” but it was the “Advanced Search Filter” that I really got excited about. What a revelation – pure gold and I’ll be using my new found knowledge to market and connect strategically from here on out.

Alison Walton, Principal -Think Business Group, Business Money Mentor

I’m an established and active LinkedIn user since I started my business five years ago and already gain a lot of business from this source. And even though I’ve done LinkedIn training in the past 2 years I realised that a lot of things have changed. So when I heard about Kathleen and Jillian’s workshop I signed up straight away. I know these ladies personally and knew this would be a great investment – I wasn’t disappointed!

They worked so well together to cover the marketing strategy it made me realise I had up-levelled my target market and my niche, so needed to reflect this on my LinkedIn profile and reposition myself.

Whether you are just starting out on LinkedIn or have been a long term user – I strongly recommend you get a seat in the next “LightUp Your
Marketing on LinkedIn” workshop.

Suzanne Harrington, Principal @ Pinnacle TMS, Trademark specialists

Initially I thought because I’m a retail florist with a shop front and a bricks & mortar business that LinkedIn wasn’t a big focus for me. So while I had a LinkedIn profile I spent more time on Face Book & Instagram. So I nearly passed on the opportunity to do the “LightUp Your Marketing on LinkedIn” workshop. I’m so glad I didn’t.

I was thinking that customers wouldn’t be looking for me on LinkedIn but hadn’t realised the massive opportunity to make strategic connections with potential affiliates & joint venture partners. LinkedIn is a huge direct marketing database and I now know it works on a different algorithm than we’re used to on other Social Media platforms. I’m now set up to
tap into that and how to use it to my advantage. I highly recommend, whether you have a service based business or like me, a retailer with a
shop front or perhaps an on-line retailer, that you do this workshop.

Liane Madden, Owner @ Stems With Style Florist, Penshurst

There’s that old saying “what you don’t know – you don’t know” and honestly I had no idea what a powerful
sales & marketing platform LinkedIn really is. Not to mention how I was underutilising it. What an eyeopener!

I had a huge awakening about how much I was hiding out. I think a lot of women in business do this. I hadn’t claimed the full extent of my accomplishments, made light of others and simply ignored sections like “Projects” because they didn’t seem important or relevant to me. So when we did “Finding Your Voice” that was big for me.
Between Jillian’s awesome LinkedIn knowledge and Kathleen’s practical approach to marketing they both delivered throughout the day. My LI
profile now reflects a more complete picture along with specific key words so I can get found by potential clients. Even better, I now know how to use it properly to make quality connections. This workshop has opened up many more possibilities for me.

Julie Hobbs, Head Coach @ JDACTIVE, Health & Wellness Solutions

All you need is an existing LinkedIn page and a willingness to step into your brilliance and we’ll help you do the rest.

You must have a LinkedIn account WITH all the sections fully filled out to the best of your ability. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect – after all that’s why you need to come to this workshop. We’ll whip it into shape in no time. PLUS you need at least 20 connections. No matter your number – even those with 100’s / 1000’s will still gain a lot of knowledge from what you’ll learn.

Here’s just some of what you’ll accomplish in the workshop:

Optimise Your Profile

• Why and how to optimise your profile
• Identify key marketing essentials to include in your profile such as branding, target niche and ideal client so you position yourself as the expert and go-to-gal to solve their problems and ensure your copy speaks to them
• Research your top keywords and use them in all the right places
• How the LinkedIn algorithm works so you can get to the top of searches
• Fill in all profile sections strategically so you get found for the right things
• Create your company page if you don’t already have one Utilise LinkedIn to locate your target market
• Research Groups and why you want to join them
• Company Pages who to follow and why
• Sorting out the Wheat from the Chaff within your network
• Identify where massive leverage is within LinkedIn and how to tap into it
• How to find your target market and contact them

Plus many more little known Ninja tips and techniques and marketing advice.

We are going to hold your hand all the way through.
PLUS … include these 5 generous BONUSES valued at $410+: