Discover How to Set Yourself Up Expertly on LinkedIn as a Business Owner so that
People Find YOU for What You DO… as Well as Learn How to Find
Your Target Market so You Can Start Cultivating Exciting Business Relationships & Lucrative Referral Alliances

Is your marketing positioning you as the go-to industry expert?
• Learn the 7 must have elements of a strong and successful brand
• Take a deep dive into identifying your niche
• Find out how to match your solution with your clients’ pain points
• Power up your key marketing messages to get clients, referral partners,  joint venture collaborations and even media attention!

Establishing these critical elements will help you raise your profile for all the right reasons and help you to show up consistently on LinkedIn as well as all your other marketing platforms and channels. It’s all about reaching and attracting your ideal clients to want to work with you.

Are you lost on LinkedIn?
• Fed up with wasting time without getting results?
• Not getting quality connections, leads or sales?
• Mystified as to how the whole thing works and ready to pull your hair out?
• Know there’s huge & lucrative potential if you could just figure it out?

Well you’re not alone….this is the experience of the vast majority of people on LinkedIn.  Many business owners downplay vital elements  (especially women), so effectively they hide out rather than stand out which means they don’t take full advantage of this lucrative B2B platform.

Until now…

ANNOUNCING “Power Up YOUR Marketing on LinkedIn”
a workshop exclusively for business owners,
run by Award Winning experts in their fields.

Kathleen Ann – Marketing & Jillian Bullock – LinkedIn

Creating an effective and lucrative LinkedIn presence is a combination of knowing the right marketing information as well as where and how to include it for maximum impact and results on LinkedIn. But once you know how to do it, there will be no stopping you growing your business with this powerful lead generation platform.

What if you knew how to…

  • position yourself as THE EXPERT in your field so you can make higher end connections
  • present your BRAND and what you stand for, so you STAND OUT and you’re not just a ‘me too’ lost on LinkedIn
  • zero in on your niche and ideal client so you can use specific marketing language to ATTRACT them to you
  • choose the right keywords that consistently FIND YOU when your prospects are searching for your expertise and services
  • request and get strong testimonials and endorsements that evidence your skill and expertise in what you do
  • fill in all the key sections with specific and relevant information using the right tone and authentic language

And what if you could get this done-in-a-day… guided step-by-step, implementing as you go! That’s right you’ll be on-line and updating your information throughout the day. And don’t worry, we’ll show you how to keep it a ‘secret’ until you’re ready to share it with all your connections. That’s just one of the tips you’ll want to use going forward.

Just imagine having the movers & shakers in your network reaching out to connect with YOU – this could mean….

  • more collaboration opportunities to increase your income and profile
  • automatic exposure to ever-expanding connections
  • more enquiries from prospective clients who want to hire you
  • easier sales because prospects get to know, like and trust you faster
  • personal and professional growth and who knows where that may lead
  • up-leveling your network through strategic introductions