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Newsletters: A List Building Strategy

Newsletter as a list building strategy

One way to build your list and gain new leads is through newsletters. People want good information. If the seekers are looking for something in your niche, you want them to find you.

Wouldn’t it be great to get the information you need delivered right to your inbox? You can, or at least your readers can if you create a newsletter.

Your website contains content that will help draw your target market to you. You use keywords (that you’ve carefully researched), catchy headlines and other tricks to provide interesting tidbits for your readers. Do you have some awesome marketing or technology tips for your target market? Save those for the newsletter.

Is it worth doing a Newsletter?

What makes a newsletter so special? It gives the reader more detailed information than they can find on your website. You can upsell it as being exclusively for subscribers. That alone can get your readers to opt-in for it and also tell their friends. Make sure to include a ‘share’ link to make this quick and simple.

You can also be more personal in a newsletter. And depending on the frequency, you have a regular opportunity to share time sensitive information. It’s an important element of an online marketing campaign as it provides another channel to reach your audience.

What are the components of a newsletter?

It varies, but the more features or sections you add, the more attractive it will be. Here are a few ideas you could use:

  • Contest entries
  • Preview new products before the general public
  • Discount coupons
  • Letters from you
  • Tips and articles
  • Pictures
  • Your calendar of events
  • Promote special events

Newsletter Delivery

Newsletters are usually delivered the same time each week, fortnight or month. I recommend at least twice a month. You can set your newsletters up to be delivered through your autoresponder service so your subscribers get them on your set schedule.

Newsletter Format Options

Newsletters can be created in a couple of different ways. Some people have their entire email be their newsletter, most often using a branded template. It is a one-page piece that includes links to areas on your website where they can find more information. If it is a contest entry, a link will bring them to the landing page where they can enter and read up on the contest particulars. That page can also link to other offers they may be interested in such as specials on products, workshops or courses.

Others post emails that tell you the newest newsletter is available. Subscribers click a link that takes them to a “subscriber only” area of your website. Here they can read and download the newest newsletter. Also let them know that they can access your archive of newsletters that were created before they found your site. Creating timeless content makes these past pieces valuable months or years later.

Opening rates

Just like emails, you can track and measure the opening rates of your newsletters. The percentage is useful feedback and you can even see who has opened it and what links they have clicked on. Depending on the sophistication of your autoresponder you can use this information to segment your list. This will allow you to really fine tune and target your email campaigns to increase your results.

Want to build your list? Offer newsletters to readers as part of their subscription. By including some of the information above, readers can stay connected in such a way that eventually leads to recurrent sales.