Are You a Problem Solver When it Comes to Your Sales?

When it comes to your products or services you are the salesperson and the one who knows them best. It can be easy for you to see all the benefits but for your clients, without all the valuable background knowledge, it can be difficult to see why they should choose you.

Imagine, for a moment, that you walk into a furniture store, ready to find a lounge for your family. The salesperson starts their spiel, telling you all about the leather used, the cushioning material, the dimensions and modular options. This is all very important information, but now, you’re overwhelmed and confused by all these features.

The salesperson has just opted to sell you on the features and, judging by the confused expression you’re now sporting, it probably wasn’t the wisest decision. Feature selling is exactly that – when someone tries to sell you something by just listing the features. The problem with this is that no one really cares about the features unless they have some kind of benefit.

So what?

If you’re stuck in the rut of just listing features to your clients, the best way to get out of that rut is to imagine your clients asking, “So what?”

What do you really mean? Why should they care? How will each specific feature benefit them? How can you help to solve a problem they have? Take the focus off yourself and the service and turn it back to the client.

This is called benefit or outcome selling – where you stop selling the client the features and you show them how your service or product will alter their life, for the better. It helps your client picture themselves using what you provide, so that they already feel like their problem is solved – all they have to do, is say yes.

When the lounge salesperson asks themselves “So what?” they start talking about how the leather has been treated so it’s easy to clean off simple spills – a life-saver for younger families. The lounge is spacious, so all your friends can fit together and it’s perfect for family movie night. The modular options also mean that no matter the space, your new lounge can adapt to the needs of your ever-changing home life.

At the end of the day, all of us want to save time and effort. We like to avoid hassle at all costs and spend our time doing enjoyable things. Keep that in mind when you’re selling to clients – no matter what your product or service is. Even if you have all the features under the sun, don’t get caught just rattling off a list! Remember to stop and ask, “So what?”