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If you don’t know the answer to these 3 questions, it’s time to streamline your marketing:

  1. How many marketing tactics are you using right now?
  2. What are the goals of these tactics?
  3. Have you taken the time to evaluate if they are working?

Often solopreneurs begin and try many different marketing strategies without having a clear understanding of what they do and what they offer. Even solopreneurs who started their business with a plan can find themselves marketing with no rhyme or reason. This ad hoc approach is the biggest reason many business owners struggle with their marketing.

You try one marketing tactic, like Facebook, then you advertise in a magazine, then you send out an email to your list. None of it is organized, integrated or consistent with any type of plan. Better to aim for persistency and consistency because that’s the key to success.

Here’s how to streamline your marketing:

Identify Each of Your Tactics

Make a list of all of the marketing tactics you have implemented or tried in the past two years. For example, maybe you send out a regular newsletter or weekly emails and your database marketing is on track but, you’ve only tweeted twice in the past three months despite your amazing Twitter profile page.

And how about your other social media platforms like LinkedIn, FaceBook or Instagram and the like, what’s going on there?

Make notes next to each tactic. Identify:

  • Your goals for that tactic. What do you intend it to do? For example, Facebook posts may be designed to drive traffic to your free download.
  • The last time you used the tactic. For example, when was the last time you posted on your Facebook page?
  • Your analytics. How effective are your efforts? Do you know the results? If you haven’t been measuring, see if you can recreate statistics from past months. And if not, begin measuring and collect at least three months’ worth for the purpose of this evaluation.
  • Integration. How is each marketing tactic integrated with other tactics? For example, do you have “share on Facebook” button as well as your other social media platforms on your blog posts?

A spreadsheet may be the most useful tool for outlining and identifying all of this information. And if you don’t have answers for some of the questions and tactics, that is something to pay attention to. It’s another sign you need to streamline your marketing.

Create an Action and Analysis Plan

The next step is to look at all of the tactics you’re currently using and to create a streamlined action plan. My recommendation is you select only 2 Social Media platforms and get skilled at those rather than try to be everywhere. Remember persistency and consistency is the aim.

Start by identifying goals and then create a schedule for implementing each tactic. For example, “I will post new content on Facebook every Monday and Wednesday and spend 10 to 15 minutes every day sharing and commenting.”

Now create a plan to integrate your tactics. Prioritize and schedule based on those priorities.

You’ll also need to establish a system for reviewing the analytics on a regular basis to help maintain your newly streamlined marketing system. Once a month is often enough. Then, once you’ve streamlined your marketing, keep it that way by following through on your action plan while you continue to test and measure.