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Kathleen Ann Presentation to Coach Connect group

Testimonials are hands down the most powerful tool in your arsenal for creating trust and value in you and your offering. On the flip side, they are also one of the most underutilized in most businesses.

If you don’t already have a strategy to collect and use testimonials in your marketing mix then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.  They’re powerful because you’re not blowing your own trumpet. Someone else is giving you a good report and it’s this third-party validation that overcomes scepticism and carries more weight than anything you could possibly say about yourself.

There are really 3 reasons why you need them and fully understanding these will give you all the motivation you need to become an active collector and user of testimonials in all your marketing messages.

The obvious one is logic and most people don’t think beyond the obvious to capitalize on the full potential.  There’s also an emotional and energetic reason. These work synergistically to create the power that great testimonials deliver.

Let’s look at each separately.

1. Logical reason

Logic is really about providing proof or evidence that you are credible, reliable and will do what you say. Often called social proof. It’s the acknowledgement from other people that they have experienced what you are offering and had the results you promised.  This proof is often in the form of specific and measurable results that support the before and after picture you are painting.

2. Emotional reason

We know that people buy on emotion then back this up with logic. Testimonials stir the powerful emotion of desire.  Desire to be, to do, to have like the person giving the testimonial. That household phrase “I’ll have what she’s having” made famous by the film When Harry Met Sally, says it all. Used well, the reader can easily picture herself having those same results so there’s no need for hard sell when you’re pushing those hot buttons of desire.

3. Energetic reason

The last important reason to have testimonials is more subtle which means it’s deceptively powerful but no less effective than logic and emotion. It’s about the energy created in building your story through others that gently pulls the reader in.  What happens for the reader is they lean in because they want to be included.  There’s a feeling of comfort and belonging that does not need to be addressed specifically in words.  It’s the underlying attraction to want to associate with you and your tribe of like mind

So become a collector of testimonials. Treat them like the gold nuggets they are and fossick and mine for them to deposit in your testimonial bank. You can never have too many of them and you can exploit all the mediums of copy, audio and video to power up your marketing.

Here’s what Lorraine Makasini, Organiser of Coach and Connect had to say after I presented to the group. (pictured)

“If you’re looking for a speaker or content provider then I would highly recommend Kathleen Ann from Power Up Your Marketing. Kathleen presented “How to Charge What You’re Worth & Get It” to our Coach & Connect group and was super impressive in her delivery. Kathleen was very generous with her knowledge and members were delighted to get some practical advice that they could implement immediately. However, what really impressed me as the event organiser was how easy Kathleen made it to promote her. She’s super organised and provided plenty of promotional copy and images way ahead of time and also supported by sharing across her own networks as well.”

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Business man pointing to client testimonialsWhile most people know the value of client testimonials they often miss the opportunity to get great testimonials, designed to help them make more sales.

You don’t want to end up with ‘nice-guy’ or ‘nice-gal’ testimonials that say ‘nice’ things about you but fail to show others why they should do business with you as well. After all that’s the point, isn’t it? To attract others who are looking for the same results?

So, what you really need is results-based testimonials that are written in first person.  Or you can use a case studies which are pretty much the same thing  only they are written in third person. I recommend you have a mix of both types because that will add variety.

Think of testimonials as a short ‘before and after story’ or ‘once I was lost….and now I’m found’ and you’ll quickly see that it’s not all about you!

Like all good stories there’s a structure and the good news is there are only 3 sections to structure a winning results-based testimonial or case study.

Here they are…..

Section 1

Describe their problem or challenge before they began working with you (this is the before story).

How bad was it? And don’t hold back – these are real life situations so the worse the problem the better!

Section 2

What did they learn or do as a result of working with you?

Take care here not to reveal the specifics of what you did with your client or you run the risk of people thinking ‘I already know that’ – you don’t want them to have that reaction.  Rather you want to have them thinking ‘how did she do that?’

Section 3

The end result (this is the after story)

What got to happen for your client as a result of what they learned or did after working with you?

You need to make this as quantifiable as you can. You can put a figure or percentage on almost anything so always use measurable, specific results in your example.

Here’s an example using a professional organizer who we’ll call Sally, of what you’ll achieve when you put it all together.

“My office was in such a mess I couldn’t find anything in a hurry. So I was wasting a lot of time and energy. I certainly didn’t want to bring my clients there because I was too embarrassed about the clutter.

Thanks to Sally’s organizing skills I learned how to quickly clean up the mess as well as how to get and stay organized so I won’t slip back into bad habits. It’s so much easier than I could have imagined.

Now, I can put my hands on everything in less than a minute, my productivity has gone up by at least 50% plus I’ve seen a welcome jump in my revenue of $5,000 this month.”

My tip is to ask all your clients if they would like to help you by providing a testimonial. People love to help other people and I’ve never been refused.

You can make it easy for them by giving them these guidelines or better still, offer to write it for them for their approval. This will save them time and effort and guarantee you get a winning testimonial to help you make more sales.

You can never have too many results-based testimonials and you can exploit all the mediums of written copy, audio and video to power up your marketing.