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“Remarkably I have accomplished all this just a few short months and as a result I have already doubled my income” At the time, my brand was generic and  I had limited system in place to attract and service clients. So I immediately recognized that I needed her help and signed up for her signature training.

The exercises Kathleen took me through really allowed me to get to the core of what I really do for my clients and why I do what I do. I had so many a-ha! moments and am now super excited to be able to move forward with my new website and a much clearer vision and brand for my business.

Before I did Kathleen’s program I was at a cross-roads, spending heaps of time trying to get clear on my direction and what my business was about and in particular what it offered. Everything was impacted. I was chopping and changing my focus and struggling with how and where to promote so my marketing was all over the place.