To Choose a Niche or Not to Choose a Niche?

It’s a no brainer. Experts charge higher fees. And the quickest way to become known as the expert in your field is to choose a niche and market exclusively to the individuals in this group.

All the same, many business owners resist this and remain a generalist.

I believe this is a costly mistake that you can avoid and here’s 5 reasons why I strongly recommend you choose a niche.

1. Communications

You’ll either be writing or speaking in all your marketing communications so when you choose a niche the more you can target your niche audience and the better your messages will land with them. You will be speaking their language which will get their immediate attention. Once you have their attention they’ll hear the specifics of what you are communicating so you can really zero in on their needs and wants.

The bonus is that you will pretty much be saying and writing on the same theme so this task will be easier and quicker as well as more effective. Plus you can repurpose a lot of what you create so you can save time too.

2. Services

With a specific niche you can easily identify their biggest problems and tailor your services and offerings to solve them. Plus the individuals in your niche will have similar wants and needs which means you can reduce and streamline your services. It also means you will get better and better at what you do as you deliver your services and increase your expertise.

3. Marketing

Choosing a niche will simplify your marketing in a number of significant ways. Most importantly, you can fish where the fish are instead of having to cast a broad net in the hope of picking up clients. You can focus your in-person and on-line marketing activities, content and marketing spend to get in front of qualified prospective clients.

4. Sales

Because you can target your communications, services and marketing to a specific niche you will obviously increase your chances of signing up clients and making more sales.

Plus the more success you have with clients in the same niche the better known you’ll become and the faster your reputation will grow.

5. Delivery

A huge benefit of having a niche is how simple and streamlined your services become. No need for constant re-invention and a broad range of services.

You can simply show up and deliver.

And here’s a bonus tip. It’s not just your reputation with prospective clients and clients that will grow. Once you’ve established yourself as the expert in your niche you can reach out for joint venture opportunities. In fact you’ll attract JV offers from other experts who also serve your niche market with non-competitive products or services. That’s a win-win for everyone!

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